LIMA – Heartbeat of Lima moves to a new facility. Instead of renting two facilities in Lima, as it was before, Heartbeat bought a house on 421 South Cable Road, south of St. Charles Church.

Heartbeat of Lima serves as a resource for many services for women who are pregnant or raising a young child under the age of three, particularly as an alternative to abortion. Services include pregnancy tests, ultrasound, counseling programs, financial aid and adoption information.

According to Chelsea Sunderland’s director of customer service, Heartbeat is also helping mothers eliminate the shortage of baby formulas that has become a problem in recent weeks.

“Fortunately, we had a lot to start with and we continue to receive small donations. We also exchange, so if they have something that they may have had to switch to another formula, if they have something old that doesn’t open and the expiration date hasn’t expired, we’ll exchange their ounce for ounce and give they need what they need, if we have it, and then we will take what they had before, ”she said.

Sunderland also stressed that Heartbeat is ready to help young mothers in a number of ways when, according to rumors, the Supreme Court is on the verge of repealing Rowe v. Wade. On the relocation of Heartbeat she notes that it is “just a coincidence that it all happened at once”.

“When [any changes] great, and if they are dramatic, and if it causes a great need for us, we are here, we are ready, and we are building this strategic plan to be able to serve those ladies who are coming. An opportunity to help families who want to adopt and help everyone around. ”

Sunderland added that Heartbeat of Lima is counting on volunteers to help them provide many of their services. With the addition of more space in its new premises, Heartbeat is likely to need more volunteers, including “volunteer nurses who want to undergo ultrasound training or who have already undergone ultrasound training, and then volunteers for training. We conduct all the training, and we have all the materials for their preparation. “

Heartbeat of Lima plans to hold open days before the grand opening and ribbon cutting. Meanwhile, they are also accepting applications from volunteers. Potential volunteers interested in learning more about the application and interview processes are encouraged to call Heartbeat of Lima at 419-222-7945.

Austin Meyer of Lima is installing power lines for new classrooms at the planned new Heartbeat of Lima facility at 421 S. Cable Road. The new premises, when it is ready for opening, will house the Education Center of the Crisis Center for Pregnancy, food distribution, and ultrasound equipment.

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