Police say there have been several burglaries in the Coach Light Estates mobile home park in Blisfield over the past few weeks.

BLISSFIELD, MICHIGAN – Blissfield’s Coach Light Estate mobile home park is generally quiet. But police say that in the last few weeks people or people have broken into people’s homes.

“It started about three weeks ago when the first hit hit. Last week a police officer came to me and asked if I saw anything, I said no,” said resident Josh Vanderlan.

Josh and his wife Victoria live in the park with their two children and dog Gunner. Josh was at work while Victoria was home with the kids Tuesday night when she heard a loud knock on the door.

“The gunner left, barked and growled, and the boy ran away,” Victoria said.

Victoria says she didn’t look at the guy who was trying to break in, and only saw the other side when he ran away. She believes Gunner warned them of the threat and scared the man.

“If only he had really broken into my house. If I didn’t have my own dog, yes, he could probably do a lot of damage, ”Victoria said.

Josh says an attempt to break into the house brought his family and park into heightened alert.

“If we could catch this guy soon, a lot of people would be nervous, worried about leaving. Concerned about the safety of their children, we don’t know if he’s dangerous,” Josh said.

He says that for people who don’t have the benefits of a guard dog, there are other things you need to do to scare away potential invaders.

“I told my wife to turn on the lights. Keep the TV on. Be aware, don’t sleep until I get home,” Josh said.

Lenavi County forensic scientists are seeking help to catch the person or individuals doing so. If you have information, you can call 517-266-6161. You can remain anonymous and even be eligible for a cash reward.

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