Rescue operations after the earthquake continue for the sixth day

Rescue operations in Turkey and Syria begin on the sixth day after devastating earthquakes


Five members of one family were pulled from the rubble of the earthquake five days later, and a teenage girl who had asked for ice cream was pulled from under concrete slabs.

While rescue stories continue to make headlines, hopes are beginning to fade as operations continue in Syria and Turkey. On February 6, earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.8 and 7.5 get into the areaand aftershocks caused even greater destruction.

More than 24,000 people died, tens of thousands more were injured. Millions of people were displaced. Rescuers are working to pull people out under rubblebut with the passage of time these hopes fade.

The conditions for the rescuers have also worsened. In Turkey’s southernmost province, video captured the moment debris fell on a man working to pull people out of a building. After a few hours, he was rescued.

For survivors, the situation can seem almost hopeless. Minus temperatures also conducted complex operations in the area.

“Look at us. I have no shoes. I have no water to wash myself. We have nothing,” one woman in Adiyaman, Turkey, told CBS News’ Chris Livesey. “There are more dead than alive here. This city is a cemetery.”

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