The decision rate at this point last year was 42%, this year the figure is 51%. But the CPD now measures that figure differently.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Columbus City leaders met Tuesday night to see how they are doing to end gun violence in the city. Leaders reviewed several initiatives that aim to keep community members on the right track. 10TV went into more detail on how the department is dealing with cases of violence.

At this point last year, Columbus police said there were 82 homicides, and the disclosure rate since the beginning of the year was 42%. So far in 2022 there were 49 murders with a decision rate since the beginning of the year of about 51%.

But the department said it was changing its view on the percentage of cases resolved.

“In 2022, our detectives uncovered 12 cases from previous years,” said Greg Bodker, assistant police chief.

Columbus police are adding these cases to the number of cases opened this year, bringing the overall disclosure rate to about 76%.

10TV asked Columbus police if the statistic overestimates the figure the department is making.

Bodker replied, “I don’t think so, I think it gives a clearer picture of what we’re doing. We find it fair to show the public, and of course the families of the victims, that our detectives never stop working on these cases. Either it’s an active investigation by homicide detectives, or it’s been transferred to cold cases. “

Family c 22-year-old Preston Bell still waiting for answers. Bell, who had autism, was shot dead on December 27, 2021. Bella’s mother said she did not believe Columbus police were doing enough.

“There is no connection at all, no connection at all. It’s sad, it’s very sad, “said Melissa Kroski, Bella’s mother.

Columbus police said they were encouraged by the fact that many of the recent cases that have been uncovered are related to community tips.

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