Princeton’s shock win over Arizona on Thursday eliminated most of the remaining perfect brackets.

WASHINGTON – Well, it didn’t take long.

Just eight games into the first round of the men’s college basketball tournament, only 0.12% of March Madness brackets remain perfect. according to the NCAA website.

No. 8 Maryland’s win against No. 9 WVU wiped out about half of the original field, but that was it No. 13 Furman’s upset win over No. 4 Virginia which caused absolute chaos among millions of players, according to NCAA tracking in “all major online games.” The perfect bracket rate dropped to just 10.67% after two games, then No. 7 Missouri struck out 4% more in a win over No. 10 Utah State.

Later in the day, No. 15 Princeton beat No. 2 Arizona 59-55. The 15th-seeded Tigers scored the final nine points to end the upset, holding the Pac-12 Tournament champions scoreless in the final 4:21.

Princeton was the No. 15 least picked at 4.13 percent earlier in the day, according to the NCAA.

It took 28 March Madness contests for perfection over the last two years to be eliminated.

It is believed that the closest to the perfect bracket was just three years ago.

During the 2019 tournament, the man from Ohio is right guessed all the games going into the Sweet 16, according to But his streak of 49 straight picks was ended when Purdue beat Tennessee 99-94 in overtime of Game 2 of the Sweet 16.

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NCAA tracking is based on millions of brackets posted online by the NCAA Bracket Challenge Game, ESPN, Yahoo and CBS. This does not include standalone office pools or any other platforms that run their own games.

What are the odds of a perfect bracket?

According to NCAA.comif you were to simply guess or flip a coin for each matchup, the odds of a flawless NCAA bracket are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

However, also notes that the odds are more like 1 in 120.2 billion when a netizen takes into account information about which teams are better and tournament history.

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