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Pleasant Hill Lake Park

Ohio recently became a hotbed of bigfoot sightings, and you might get a chance to spot it in September of this year.

From 9 to 11 September, researchers, experts and avid hunters for squash will descend into Pleasant Hill Lake Park in Perville, Ohio. Bigfoot base camp weekend. Matt Moneymaker, founder and president of Bigfoot Field Researchers (BFRO) and host of Animal Planet’s Search for bigfoot, will be there, as will Charles Kimbro, investigator and author Squatchin ‘101.

According to the release, Ohio had 315 observations of bigfoot, ranking fifth in the country. And 13 of them were recent glimpses in Richland and Ashland counties (near Perisville), and a park ranger at Pleasant Hill Lake Park claimed to have seen the creature in 2020.

For $ 15 you get admission to the Bigfoot Basecamp Weekend, which includes both free events and events with tickets. There will be exhibits where you can buy ephemeral sasquatch, food on the theme of bigfoot and even orange soda sasquatch. Enjoy a bigfoot night hike, a pontoon boat tour and a viewing Harry and Henderson.

Moneymaker will lead the report during the VIP reception (extra charge) and later in the weekend Kimbro will learn the basics of bigfoot hunting. Get tips and tricks for detecting wildlife, and check out some techniques for HD thermal imaging with a drone.

While you’re there, listen to “The Ohio Howl” (original recording here), a terrifying monkey-like moan that was heard in Walesville, Ohio, along the Ohio River, which was recorded by Moneymaker in 1994.

See the full list of Bigfoot Basecamp Weekend events at Pleasant Hill Lake Park is located at 3431 OH-95, Perrysville, Ohio.

And it’s not the only bigfoot festival to be held this summer in Ohio. Hocking Hills takes its own in August.

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