The Ohio Investigation Unit says this is a serious problem happening across the state where unlicensed slot machines don’t give customers a fair chance.

PATASCALA, Ohio – At one of the busiest intersections in Patascala, a local business has just come to light.

Eric Wolf is the commander of the Ohio Investigation Department. He says a complaint of illegal gambling was filed against Buster’s Corner Store in Patascale back in February.

“These were more traditional devices for video games,” he said. “Like a video game.”

He says undercover officers visited the plant five times over the next four months. The last was last Thursday when Wolfe said the institution had three cars that issued cash prizes without a license.

“These places can be found almost everywhere,” Wolf said.

Wolfe says the Ohio Casino Control Commission provides casino licenses that help ensure a level playing field with a chance of winning. However, illegal games that appear in the state, he said, are not licensed, which means they are not regulated and have no control. Wolff says some machines have been reprogrammed so that your chances of winning are almost nil.

“You don’t know what you’re going to get into,” he said. “Kindness is clearly tuned to the house. Businesses are here to make money on these machines. ”

Wolf says he knows that there is always a risk in gambling. However, he believes that many Ohio residents do not realize that the slot machines they see in business may not be the fair slot machines they see in casinos.

“Here are some of our complaints,” he said. “These are some of these places that are actually hunting down people who are trying to make money on these other people.”

According to Wolf, the vending machines at Buster’s were confiscated, and the company suffered from five administrative violations related to gambling.

An employee at Buster’s told Bryant Somerville of 10TV that they did not want to comment on the story. They did, however, pass Somerville’s contact information to Buster’s owner.

Until they answered.

Wolff says the investigation is ongoing and charges may be filed.

The Ohio State Investigation Division sent its report to the Alcohol Control Commission. Wolff says there will be a hearing sometime in the future at which Buster may be fined.

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