The city plans to spend about 27 million dollars on the repair of 76 and reconstruction of 29 residential roads.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The Toledo City Council held a special meeting Monday to discuss reconstruction of 105 residential streets.

Officials with the city’s Department of Public Utilities have worked out the finer details of a plan to use about $27 million to repave 76 and reconstruct 29 of those roads.

Areas intended for work have different sizes. One-tenth of a mile of Clark Street in east Toledo will be resurfaced, while larger projects like the nearly six miles from Telegraph Road to Detroit Avenue in North Town will also be in the works.

The individual projects are expected to cost between $13,000 and more than $1 million each, all of which will be funded by taxpayer dollars.

WTOL 11 sat down with Transportation Board Chairman Sam Melden after the meeting. Although he was disappointed that inflation has raised construction costs by about 12.5%, he is happy that the city can follow through on its promise to fix the streets.

Holding a copy of the full street list, Melden said those whose street is not on the list but needs attention should not worry.

“If your road isn’t there, I would really encourage residents to email me, call a city council person in person and say, ‘What’s the plan?'” said Melden, who represents the fifth district. “Even if we can’t get the road or it’s not in the plan this year, I want to make sure that every resident of the Fifth Ward and the entire city of Toledo understands what the plan is for their street.”

Construction will begin as soon as the weather clears, he said.

All 105 restoration and reconstruction projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023, but construction is not yet complete. According to Toledo Public Services Director Doug Stevens, city engineers are planning another $27 million in projects in 2024.

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