On Saturday, WhatsApp said it had banned more than 23 lakh accounts India in August as per the new IT Rules 2021.

The messaging platform, which has nearly 500 million users (according to third-party data) in India, received 598 complaints in August in India, with 27 “actioned” records.

“Over the years, we have continuously invested in artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, data scientists and experts, and processes to ensure the safety of our users on our platform. According to the IT rules 2021, WhatsApp blocked more than 2.3 million (2,328,000) accounts in August,” said a company spokesperson.

The platform banned almost the same number of bad accounts in India in July.

Under the updated 2021 IT rules, major digital and social media platforms with more than five million users must publish monthly compliance reports.

Meanwhile, during a hearing challenging the privacy policy of instant messaging app WhatsApp, the Center told the Supreme Court this week that the controversial Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill, 2019 has been withdrawn and a comprehensive data protection bill is in the works.

In August, the Center withdrew the bill, which had undergone 81 amendments over the past three years, to introduce a new, tougher bill that fits into a comprehensive legal framework and protects the data of billions of citizens.

A new draft of the Data Protection Bill is being prepared to improve the efficiency of the use of data, as it will mainly be used by industry.

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