They plan to use the information gathered to potentially expand AI technology to a greater extent.

COLUMBUS, OH – Wendy and Google are collaborating to offer customers an artificial intelligence experience next month.

The companies announced Tuesday that they are launching the first pilot of artificial intelligence technology from Google Cloud to be used in the drive-thru at one of Wendy’s Columbus restaurants.

They plan to use the information gathered to potentially expand AI technology to a greater extent.

The pilot will begin in June and “include new generative AI offerings like Vertex AI and more for customer conversations, the ability to understand custom queries and create answers to frequently asked questions,” according to the release. .

“Wendy’s has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we’re excited to expand our partnership with the company with our new generative AI technologies,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

Google claims that with 75 to 80% of Wendy’s customers choosing drive-thru as their preferred ordering method, its AI experience can provide better customer service when it comes to menu options, special requests and ambient noise.

The release said Wendy’s is committed to taking the complexity out of the ordering process so employees can focus on fast, freshly prepared, quality food and great service.

“Wendy’s introduced the first modern drive-thru window more than 50 years ago, and we’re excited to continue our work with Google Cloud to bring a new wave of innovation to the drive-thru,” said Todd Penegor, president and CEO of Wendy’s. “Google Cloud’s generative AI technology creates a huge opportunity for us to provide our customers with a truly differentiated, faster and seamless experience, while allowing our employees to continue to focus on preparing great food and building relationships with fans that keep them coming back again and again.”

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