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Nick Castellanos is probably saying goodbye to Cincinnati.

Well, maybe we’ll finally get an answer about Cincinnati’s largest free agent.

According to MLB writer Paul CasellaThe Cincinnati Reds are not interested in bringing back superfielder Nick Castellanos to the team.

“We did not cooperate with its representatives,” said Casella, who said the general manager of the “Reds” Nick Krall over the weekend.

Castellanos is considered one of the best free agents of the season after an outstanding match in 2021 in which he hit 0.309, scored 0.576, made 34 home runs and inflicted 73 extra shots on base. Castellanos also received the Silver Slugger Award and was a starting point in the National League during the MLB All-Star Game this summer (teammate Jesse Winker joined the honor).

In November, Castellanos has given up the last two years of his contract with the Reds.which cost $ 16 million a year. Castellanos then rejected Qualifying offer of the Reds on November 7 (tits quality in the Major League Baseball is $ 18.4 million for the 2022 season).

He later said he would consider another proposal from the Cincinnati Redssaying, “Why shouldn’t I? I feel that there are still many very valuable parts that are very good to win. ”

But negotiations between the Reds and Castellanos came to a halt in December, when the owners of the MLB teams initiated a lockout of players that froze all steps of the free agency – together with training, spring training and the start of the 2022 season – due to a contract dispute. This lockout ended last week when MLB and the Premier League Baseball Association have revealed that they have finally agreed on a new collective agreement. Teams and players can now resume deals.

The MLB-2022 season will begin on April 7.

In the regular season of 2021, the Cincinnati Reds won 83-79 missed post-season action, leaving just a few games.

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