After 11 surgeries Carter Bish along with his mother will go through the 12th.

DAKULA, GA – They say you give your right hand to help someone you love – and a mom from Georgia proves that old feelings are true

Outwardly, Pamela Bish Carter’s son is similar to most two-year-olds. He is learning to tie his shoes and still enjoys a good pacifier.

But inside his mom said Carter was a little different

“We knew before he was born,” she said of her son’s kidneys. “Swollen and filled with liquid and largely destroyed.”

Bish added that early Carter began to challenge the odds.

First, he was not to be born alive. Then his parents were told not to hope.

“He will probably die a few hours after birth,” Bish said.

Now he is in his gorgeous duo. Just looking at him, it was impossible to understand that he had undergone 11 surgeries since birth.

Bish said these issues made motherhood different than what she originally thought.

“Insert the catheters, remove the catheters, clear the infections,” she said, even describing life after hip surgery. “He was in a cast all over his body, which was awful.”

The care did not stop after his surgeries. There was a lot of maintenance to help Carter work like dialysis three times a week. Each session lasts about four hours.

“He takes about 10 medications every day,” Bish added.

She said she keeps him close to help him survive it all. And soon she will do much more than keep Carter.

“I can give him a kidney,” she said. “I wanted to be like that.”

Bish, the man who gave him his life, also wants opportunities to save him.

“It was my dream, it was my prayer before he was born for me to become his donor,” she said.

Bish found out she was the perfect couple for Carter – which isn’t always easy to find. Without hesitation, she agreed to help her son undergo another operation.

“I look back at his photos from the intensive care unit and look at where he is now and I’m just amazed. It’s just unbelievable, ”Bish said.

The family, who live in Dakula, will travel to Atlanta for the operation, which is scheduled for July 18.

Because Carter is very young, he may need another kidney transplant in 10-20 years. Mom has one kidney dropped, the family jokes that his brother will have to take it from there.

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