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SELL YOUR WHEELS! YS News classifieds will find a new home for your old car. Post your ad today!

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IS THERE A MARRIAGE IN CARACAS? Tired of reading the police report on the phone? Give the gift of an e-edition subscription: They’ll receive a digital copy of the news in their inbox on Thursday morning. Go to and click “Subscribe”. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOW AVAILABLE via Blacks in Yellow Springs: A Community Encyclopedia, $30; Legacy of Grace: Reflections on the Life and Times of Willing Gaunt, $25.99; Willing Gaunt’s ABC, $12. Prices include shipping and handling. Items can also be ordered by sending a check or money order to: The 365 Project, PO Box 165, YSO. FIREWOOD: $300/cord, delivered. Season and finely chop. Call Les, 937-536-8022. FOR SALE: Did you overeat during the holidays? Practice Nordic Track Skiing at home. 75 dollars. Call 937-767-9383.

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OPEN FOR BUSINESS? Let everyone know what you’re doing and how you want to do it. Post an ad. ENERGY AND IMMUNITY IN ONE. Organic full-spectrum hemp oil (CBD) co-extracted with an organic blend of medicinal chaga mushrooms (antiviral), cordyceps (increases oxygenation and lung function), turkey tail (boosts the immune system), and reishi (boosts immune function). . Contact Robert Hasek, 937-558-8474, or order at NOW ONLINE! Historic 2023 calendars, baseball caps, t-shirts, beautiful Gale Court postcards, posters and illustrations; Books with news, posters and notebooks. Visit our newly launched online retail page, You can also stop by our office the old school way to pick up some great news gifts, Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Please call for extended hours: 937-767-7373.

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DOGS, CATS, TURTLE: find a good home for animals here.

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NO MONEY NEEDED! List your services or goods for exchange.

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HAVE A NEW NEIGHBOR? Sign up for a free three-month subscription to the News and we’ll deliver them a welcome pack. Call the Yellow Springs News office at 937-767-7373 Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., or email anytime to help keep your new neighbor informed!

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FROM ARTICHOKE TO XYLOPHONES, it’s a place to ask for things.

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SINGLE, RETIRED, PROFESSIONAL, non-smoker, no pets, part-time household, looking to split rent, first floor preferred. Call 937-813-9896. LOOKING FOR HOUSING? House or apartment to share? Advertise here and find a room or roommate.

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Townhouse apartments for rent, Hawthorne Place: one-bedroom, $695; two-bedroom, $795; three-bedroom, $895 plus utilities. Laundry on site. 937-324-3606. Enjoy your weekend, weekday getaway, wedding venue at Log Cabin YS. Rent a room or house. Call 757-362-1917 or email: Commercial space for rent: warehouse, warehouse, production, laboratory, studio space, contract shop, agribusiness, restaurant. http://www.YSMillworks.com614-403-3004. OFFICE/THERAPY: $310/month. Rent for one year. Approximately 130 square feet, shared waiting area, quiet atmosphere. City center. 937-684-2366. SHORT SUBLEASE: Furnished two bedrooms, two baths, TV room, office, fireplace, fenced yard, walk to town and bike path. Available from February 1 to March 31; $1,300/month includes utilities and wifi. No smoking, ID required. Email for application. HOWELL FARM LODGING offers weekly, monthly off-season rates through the end of April. Nice and quiet, fully furnished including linens and dishes. North of Yellow Springs. Call Branson at 937-825-0312 or SEVEN-ROOM OFFICE SUITE, located at 716 Xenia Ave. Utilities included, plenty of parking space. Call Kim 937-631-1447. OFFICE/therapy space available at 716 Xenia Ave. $310/month excl. $320/month with sink. Utilities included, quiet atmosphere, common waiting area. Call Kim 937-631-1447. SMALL ONE BEDROOM COTTAGE in Clifton. Refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher included, washer/dryer, outdoor porch. $850 plus utilities. Rent for one year. Call Kim 937-631-1447. SELLING YOUR HOME? If you’re not a snail, you’ll eventually have to. List it here in the classifieds!

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WHAT DID YOU FIND? Put it there. Ads found are free, always have been.

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YELLOW SPRINGS SENIOR CENTER is hiring a part-time Miller Fellow Office Assistant, up to 10 hours per week, pay rate $13/hour or more depending on experience. The ideal candidate should have computer skills and a desire to interact with people of all ages. Jobs are available for ages 16 to 25. Send resume and cover letter to: or call 937-767-5751 for more information. LOCAL OFFICE OF CHIROPRACTIC is accepting applications for office manager. Must have professional office experience, excellent communication skills and knowledge of computer systems / typing / controlling office flow in a fast paced environment. Send resume to LOOKING FOR HELP? Let’s help! Find the perfect fit for your needs through classifieds.

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THE CORETTA SCOTT KING CENTER is collecting winter clothing for Antioch students and social justice books for the HUMAN Library. Please email us at for pick-up or drop-off. Thank you! TIME SHER? Offer your free time or find someone who wants to share theirs.

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SCHEDULE A SEASONAL HVAC Inspection Today! AC Service Co., your local heating and plumbing company. Call today 937-767-7406. NEIL DOG ​​TRAINING (“evolving” certified professional trainer/retired special education teacher) will help you train your dog. If you are committed, I can help! Neil Silvert, 937-767-1991 or Free evaluation. Smart rates are a sliding scale. HANDYMAN ED’S Service. Live on site, recommendations, affordable price. Siding, repairs, windows, siding, doors, gutters and guards, cleaning, soffits. 937-397-3928.

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KNOW FINANCE? Help someone who needs it! Advertise your services with ads.

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WATCHING CHILDREN? Let parents know about your invaluable service.

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NEW FITNESS CLASSES FREE to SilverSneakers™ members at the Wellness Center: Cardio & Strength, Stability & Line Dancing! Call Lynn 937-765-2379 for more information. KNOW SOMETHING? LEARN WHY! Share your knowledge or valuable skills: Post an ad today!

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WHAT IS HAPPENING? Do you have something planned? Announce it with an ad today!

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NEWS POINTS in the Yellow Springs News $7 for the first 20 words and 10 cents a word after, both print and online. Photos are $10 per week, horizontal photos work best. Email us at classifieds@ysnews,com, submit an application online at, or stop by the office at 253½ Xenia Ave. by 5:00 p.m. Monday. Please note: Any yard or garage sales must be prepaid. NEWSPAPER DELIVERY DELAYS? If you experience delays, please call the News at 937-767-7373. While we cannot guarantee or influence delivery times through local and regional post offices, we can confirm that your subscription is in good condition. Newspapers can always be picked up from the newsroom, and subscribers can consider switching to the electronic edition with email delivery. CUERNOVAC’S SPANISH PROGRAM. We are going as a group for two weeks at the end of February: 18.02.23 – 23.03. Do you want to come? This is a two-week full Spanish immersion program. The people you live with are vaccinated, as are your teachers and guides. The program director is a physician and is always available. The cost of the entire program is $1,500 for two weeks. This includes: three hours a day in the classroom, daily excursions and visits to Mexico City, and room and board. If you have to withdraw due to COVID complications, the program fee will be refunded in full. If you are interested, please contact Judith Skillings: or text me at 937-562-1900. Places are limited, so if you’d like to join us, get in touch sooner rather than later. Several locals have participated in the program and can describe the experience to you.

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SHOUT OUT! Let the village know about a good deed. A thank you card is free – 40 words or less.

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