Another newcomer to Bryant’s knitwear last year was worth $ 3.69 million, and the seller hopes this one will break the record.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA – Jersey worn Kobe Bryant in its opening season, including two playoff games, will be sold at auction.

The Mike season 1996-97 could bring in $ 3 million to $ 5 million at an online auction that begins May 18, David Kohler of SCP Auctions said Saturday.

“We believe it can be a record for any basketball jersey,” he said.

Color said the seller, who wants to remain anonymous, has had a T-shirt for 25 years.

The salesman approached Kohler after seeing that another of Bryant’s newcomers was worth $ 3.69 million last year. This yellow autographed T-shirt, worn in the game, brought the highest price for a basketball jersey.

Also last year, newcomer Bryant’s business card sold for $ 1.8 million. None of the sales in 2021 were conducted by SCP Auctions.

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The upcoming auction will feature the No. 8 T-shirt Bryant wore for the Los Angeles Lakers in regular season wins at the Old Forum on April 13, 1997 against Utah and April 17, 1997 against Sacramento.

He wore the same jersey at home on May 8 and 10 in the Western Conference semifinals against Utah. The Lakers won the first game, Bryant scored 19 points. They lost the second game in which he had nine points. Next they lost the series 4-1 to complete the year of rookie Bryant.

The authenticity of the T-shirt was verified by independent authenticators who matched his photo, Kohler said. This process involves studying the unique characteristics of the subject. It was also compared to the 1997 trading card on which Bryant was wearing a T-shirt. It has a logo representing the 50th anniversary of the NBA.

Color said Bryant’s commemorative market remains “very, very strong” two years after his death.

“So far this is real stuff,” Kohler said. “He is beloved.”

Bryant died on January 26, 2020 in a helicopter crash in California, which also killed his 13-year-old daughter Jana and seven others.

Jersey can be viewed by appointment at SCP auctions in Laguna Nigel. The auction ends on June 4.

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