Other destinations on the 65-foot Glass City Pearl include Detroit and Cleveland.

TALEDA, Ohio – soon you will be able to travel from Toledo to the islands of Lake Erie in less than two hours.

J&M Cruise Lines announced on Wednesday that it is launching a 65-foot vessel this year for joint public and private voyages. Destinations include Put in Bay, Cleveland and Detroit.

“It has a much higher speed. We can accelerate to about 17 knots (20 miles per hour). This will allow us to get much further,” said J&M captain Spencer Bealas.

Tickets will be available through company website. Private charter cruises will be available for weddings, birthdays, fishing charters and other special occasions.

“It’s going to be a lot of different things. You’re going to have your night cruises or trips to Put in Bay that are probably more adult-oriented,” Bealas said.

Locals say it will be a new exciting way to explore the region. Currently, only two boat lines serve the island 750,000 visitors a year.

Ticket prices have not yet been set, but the company estimates the price will be somewhere between the cost of the two existing boat lines. For one person a round trip, it can be $ 15 to $ 35.

The “Glass City of Pearls” sails to Toledo from Connecticut, where it was used as a boat for parties. Upon arrival the boat will be inspected by the US Coast Guard and docked behind the One SeaGate.

Glass City Pearl is adorned with glass windows on all sides and seats 105 passengers, but can increase capacity.

The boat has yet to receive Coast Guard approval before it can begin operations. Trips from Toledo are scheduled to begin in June.


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