VAPACONETA – US Representative Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, was quick to answer the question of what the Republican strategy should be in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

“The company’s message in 2022 is,‘ Stop the madness, ’” he said during a question-and-answer session with Wapakoneta’s services club at Enthony’s Fresh Local Eats. “Let it get worse because [the Democrats] are on a path that is crazy. The message in 2024 is, “Make America great again.”

Jordan described in detail what he called “madness” in the current administration and Congress, affecting the situation on the southern border, inflation and rising energy costs.

“What it is doing to working and middle-class families is very serious and a matter of great concern,” he said, referring to high gas prices. “I think it’s all due, frankly, to the lack of leadership in the White House on this issue and many others.”

Jordan also touched on the war in Ukraine, as well as a shooting Tuesday at a school in Uwalde, Texas that killed 21 people, 19 of them children.

“My heart goes out to this community and to the families who have lost loved ones,” he said. “It’s awful. It’s tragic. We need to look maybe at the guards and some other things we can start looking at, but what worries me is that the left always jumps to the urge to attack the 2nd Amendment. We need to understand that this was an evil man who did terrible things, and that’s who is to blame. “

Jordan is optimistic that the Republican Party will succeed after the midterm elections in November, but given that President Biden is still in the White House, he noted that advancing the Republican agenda could be difficult, even if Republicans get back and The House of Representatives, and the House of Representatives. the senate.

“Biden will veto all the good things we need to do,” he said. “But you make an argument and pass it on through the House of Representatives, and you see what’s going on in the Senate, and you’re forcing Biden to make a decision. That’s how our system works, but I hope you stop the madness from getting worse, and then help formalize the 2024 election, in which I think President Trump will run for office. “

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U.S. MP Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, talks about recent developments in Washington, D.C., during a visit to the Wapakoneta Service Club on Wednesday. Representative Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, talks about recent developments in Washington, D.C., during a visit to Wapakoneta Service Club on Wednesday. Craig Kelly Lima News

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