LIMA — For the second time in as many weeks, some Allen County residents will receive special invitations from Allen County Common Pleas Judge Terri Kohlriser to join her for a little chat.

About 70 potential jurors have been summoned to appear at the Allen County Justice Center on Monday for possible selection in the assault trial of Jaquavius ​​Cooper. Most of those summoned either arrived at the justice center or were previously dismissed by a judge from jury duty on a case-by-case basis.

However, 23 county residents apparently chose to simply ignore their subpoenas.

“They will be issued a summons to appear and show good cause why they should not be held in contempt of court,” Kohlriser said.

The case, set for trial Monday, was dismissed (for reasons other than a lack of jurors), but the judge wasn’t happy that county residents were ignoring jury summonses.

Last week, Kohlriser and Judge Jeffrey Reed charged 10 people with contempt for failing to appear for jury trial. The judges each charged five people with contempt of court, and Kohlriser issued warrants for two people who failed to appear at their contempt hearings. Reed issued one bench warrant for a failure to appear.

Those found in contempt were fined $50. If they do not appear in future performances, this amount may increase.