Washington – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is due to appear before senators on the third day of the Supreme Court’s approval hearing after Tuesday’s marathon session, at which she defended her time in the federal bench and vowed to decide impartially if confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Tuesday’s Senate Judicial Committee hearing lasted 13 hours of interrogation, and senators spoke to Jackson about her judicial philosophy, including abortion, as well as her past decisions.

“I believe that the Constitution is enshrined in its meaning. I believe that we should look at the original intention, the original public meaning of words, when someone tries to evaluate, because again this is a limitation of my power to import my own political views,” Jackson said. when questioned by Republican Sen. Ben Sass of Nebraska.

The 51-year-old Jackson will go down in history as the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

While Democrats usually gave Jackson time to delve into her experience on the first day of interrogation, Republicans have repeatedly insisted on some of the most important issues of cultural warfare: critical racial theory, gender, abortion, increasing the number of judges in the Supreme Court and its representation of prisoners. Guantanamo.

Jackson also faced a number of questions from Republican senators about her sentencing for child pornography. Jackson stressed that the crimes committed were “horrible” and “horrible”, but she noted that judges appointed for these cases must adhere to the parameters set out in the federal statutes of Congress.

“In each case, I performed my duty to bring the defendants to justice in light of the evidence and information provided to me,” Jackson said. “The evidence in these cases is outrageous. The evidence in these cases is some of the worst I’ve seen, and yet, as Congress orders, judges don’t just calculate recommendations and stop. Judges need to consider defendant’s personal circumstances because it’s a requirement. Congress. “

Jackson also said Rowe v. Wade, which made abortion legal, is a “regulated law.” On additional interrogations by Republican Sen. John F. Kennedy, Jackson said that while she has her own personal religious views on when life begins, she does not know when the Equal Protection Point will take effect.

Last month, President Biden nominated Jackson to replace Liberal Judge Stephen Breyer, who at 83 is the oldest judge on the Supreme Court. Breer will retire at the end of this period.

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