London is preparing for the coronation

In London, the final preparations are underway for the coronation of King Charles III


London — Anyone who rides the rails in the UK that is coronation Over the weekend, we’ll see a change in the iconic loudspeaker announcements warning people to “mind the space.” King Charles III and his wife Camilla, Queen Consortrecorded a special message on this occasion.

“My wife and I wish you and your families a wonderful Coronation weekend,” Charles said in a message that played in train stations across the country and London Underground stations.

A look at the elaborate coronation ceremony of King Charles


“Wherever you travel, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey,” added the Queen, who since her coronation on Saturday will be known as Queen Camillaat the same time, the “consort” fell out.

“And remember, please pay attention to the gap,” Charles concludes.

“Our station colleagues are pulling out all the stops to welcome people to London for the Coronation and it’s fantastic that they will also be welcomed by King Charles III and Queen Camilla,” Network Rail chief executive Andrew Haynes said in a statement.

On Thursday, Charles’ son William, Prince of Wales, and his wife, Kate, Princess of Wales, made a short trip to the local pub on the new Elizabeth line in London, a section of the London Underground named after Queen Elizabeth II.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Soho
William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales travel on the Elizabeth line of the London Underground in central London.

Jordan Pettit/Getty Images

Meanwhile, a new train named after King Charles will start running on Saturday in time for his coronation. The Carolean Express – Named after the Carolean era, the reign of a king named Charles, would run between London and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Another new train that left London for Swansea, Wales on Friday is called the Flying Carolean. The official logo of the coronation is placed on the train.

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