COLUMBUS, Ohio – Carlos Vela and Jose Sifuentes scored goals in the second half, while FC Los Angeles overcame two long weather delays and won the Columbus Crew 2-0 on Saturday.

The two teams waited a 2-hour 55-minute delay to start the match, played four minutes, and then sat for a 70-minute delay before playing the first half without points.

Vela’s sixth goal of the season was scored in the 62nd minute and increased the score of LAFC (8-3-2) with a score of 1-0. Sifuentes added an insurance goal in the 73 minute to help the LAFC finish a three-match winless streak.

In the second half, Yau Yeboa scored two goals on penalties in offside for Columbus (3-5-4). The second invalid number required a video review and came three minutes after Vela scored.

LAFC outscored the crew 10-8 with a 4-2 advantage in goal kicks.

Maxim Crepo made two saves for LAFC to retain his first lockout from May 1st. Eloy Rum saved two of the four throws he faced for the crew.

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