Nicklaus Companies, LLC has filed a complaint against Jack Nicklaus and GBI Investors, Inc. to the New York State Supreme Court.

NEW YORK – The company has sued, alleging that Jack Nicklaus violated the contract and returned to the deal worth $ 145 million.

Nicklaus Companies, LLC filed a complaint v. Jack Nicklaus and GBI Investors, Inc. (formerly Golden Bear International, Inc.) May 13 at the Supreme Court of New York.

Nicklaus Companies, LLC claims that the legendary golfer and GBI had a deal with the company on the rights to Nicklaus ’services for golf course design, marketing with his personal approval and his advertising rights.

The lawsuit alleges that the deal also includes the right to a collection of GBI trademark registrations associated with Niklaus ’name and signature, including the nickname“ Golden Bear ”.

According to the lawsuit, Nicklaus is accused of continuing to assist in the development of golf courses and offering commercial advice, but not on behalf of Nicklaus Companies, LLC.

The agreement was reached in May 2007, the court said.

Nicklaus Companies, LLC claims it tried to remind Nicklaus of the deal. “Mr. Nicklaus has repeatedly assured the Company that he will respect its interests, only to give up his word again and again, to secretly negotiate side deals aimed at his own benefit – through the company’s business,” the company said in a statement. messages. complaint.

Nicklaus Companies says this has led to significant losses, including lost profits and business opportunities.

The lawsuit alleges that Nicklaus agreed last year to promote and support the Soudal Open in 2022, but did not receive prior approval from Nicklaus Companies. The company also accuses Nicklaus through the family office of Nicklaus of renouncing any license and using its name and similarities in golf video games, not letting Nicklaus know until the company tried to reach an agreement with the video game developer.

The company also accused Niklaus of negotiating with Golf Saudi for a new golf league, again without notifying the company. This is a deal that, according to Nicklaus Companies LLC, would negatively affect them.

Nicklaus did refuse the deal.

“The Saudis have offered me more than $ 100 million to do work probably similar to that of Greg (Norman),” Nicklaus said in an article on the Fire Pit Collective website, according to the Associated Press. “I refused. Once orally, once in writing. I said, “Guys, I have to stay on the PGA Tour. I helped start the PGA Tour. “

According to the complaint, Nicklaus also agreed on a marketing agreement with the national financial advisory group through the Niklaus Family Bureau, without receiving any revenue to Nicklaus companies.

The company seeks a solution that Nicklaus can only design golf courses and provide commercial advice to Nicklaus companies, Nicklaus intellectual property rights for commercial purposes, consequential damages and legal fees.

10TV contacted a representative of Nicklaus on Thursday, but has not yet received a response.

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