Lenovo PC company has announced its new portfolio of ThinkCentre neo desktops in India, which includes ThinkCentre neo 50s, ThinkCentre neo 50t and ThinkCentre neo 30a 24. This is the third generation of Lenovo ThinkCentre neo desktops that have been made with a focus on “modern Indian workspaces ”.

Lenovo ThinkCentre neo 50s comes with a small form factor, and ThinkCentre neo 50t is a desktop computer in the tower. Both offer flagship-level features, such as a 12-generation Intel Core processor combined with up to 64GB of RAM and more. The ThinkCentre neo 30a 24 is an all-in-one (AIO) desktop computer that also comes with 12th-generation Intel Core processors.

Prices for Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo Series
The ThinkCentre Neo 50s comes with an Intel Core i9 up to 12th generation processor combined with up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1TB PCIe SSD. The desktop computer comes with an Intel Iris XE DG1 graphics processor. The ThinkCentre Neo, on the other hand, comes with similar features in other form factors. It comes with an Intel Core i9 processor (12 generations) combined with 64GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive. It is integrated with the Intel UDH graphics processor.

The ThinkCentre Neo 30a 24 comes with a 23.8-inch LCD with FHD resolution. It is based on the Intel Core i7 up to 12th generation chipset combined with up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of SSD storage.

The Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo 50s, Neo 50t and 30a 24 can be ordered through Lenovo’s local sales team.

“Business leaders are constantly looking for versatile machines that exceed the expectations of modern professionals. At Lenovo, we strive to offer the latest innovative devices that increase employee productivity while offering environmentally friendly design and lower costs for companies. Introducing our latest ThinkCentre neo desktops is another step in that direction. These are compact and high-performance machines with futuristic workplace collaboration features that make them attractive to extreme multitaskers, business leaders and environmental entrepreneurs, ”said Ashish Sika, Lenovo India’s Director of Commercial Categories and Strategies.

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