This letter will make some people difficult, but it needs to be said. Right now you need to ask the Democratic Party, both locally and nationally, how much do you want to lose in November?

No evidence has been found that the Democratic Party is capable of combating any excessive rhetoric and lies of its opposition. Where are the party leaders in opposition to the Republican Party when they accuse President Biden of the high price of gasoline? The last time I watched, the ownership and production of fuel was in the hands of private oil companies, not the government.

Anyone with eyes and mind can see the amazing profits that oil companies make by raising consumer prices on gas pumps. But when the Republican Party accuses the president of inflation, the Democratic leadership sits with folded arms like a bunch of deaf people and can say nothing.

Wait and see what the members of the Republican Party will do if they take control of Congress, which seems likely now. They will not rub their hands and hold focus groups to find out how they plan to destroy power and the country. They already have a plan that will work on the first day as soon as they return to power. And the citizens of this country will immediately feel the pain.

Maybe the Democratic Party will have something to say when that happens. Probably like, “Well, we almost won” and pat themselves on the back for their powerless efforts.

Larry Donaldson


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