The death of 15-year-old Deasia Green has prompted community activists to call on parents and youth to make efforts to combat violence.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Death 15-year-old DeAsia Green community activists like Sean Mahone Sr. are calling on youth and parents to make a community-wide effort to prevent further tragedies.

Mahone uses boot camp programs to help kids who he says are making unhealthy choices in life. And in order for it to succeed, parents and children need to connect.

He said Green had been a graduate of one of his programs for the past year, and he was hurt to learn of her death, which is being investigated as a homicide.

“This mother was trying to do everything she could to save her child’s life,” Mahone said. “Unfortunately, her child kept running away and the police brought her home.”

Mahone said the city needs to hear from community members about the issues they face.

“We need to have a community-wide conversation,” he said. “That means bringing parents to a facility where we can address these issues.”

And the city of Toledo is trying to make these conversations a regular occurrence. The city’s Department of Youth Affairs is hosting Youth Be Heard: a series of listening sessions where Toledo’s children and teens can discuss how to become fulfilled adults.

“We need to really listen to young people,” said Youth Commissioner Danielle Cisterino. “We need to gather their opinions on what they think is the best type of service for them.”

The department had to cancel Tuesday night’s session due to lack of participation, but Cisterino hopes future sessions will be able to attract a larger group.

The next session is scheduled for Jan. 25 at the East Toledo Family Center from 5-7 p.m. Registration is mandatory.

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