Lucas County Commissioners support the right to abortion, while others support the potential repeal of Rowe v. Wade.

LUCAS DISTRICT, Ohio – While many people were awaiting Monday’s release decision Supreme Court regarding his opinion in a potential repeal Rowe vs. Wade, the court has so far stopped. And this despite pressure from protests over the weekend and statements by officials.

Despite pressure from protests over the weekend and statements by officials, the trial has not stopped.

Lucas County Commissioners added their votes during a press conference Monday regarding Rowe v. Wade.

City and state lawmakers have said government officials should not be able to choose what a woman does with her body in her personal life.

Lucas County Commissioners plan to vote on a resolution stating that they stand for women’s rights to choose.

“I am confident that the district council will adopt this opinion in order not to support the leaked bill in the Supreme Court,” said Tina Skeldan Wozniak.

WTOL 11 also spoke with Ed Sitter, CEO Foundation for Life, an organization with a mission to protect the rights of unborn children. He said that when a woman gets pregnant, it’s not just her body anymore.

“We want to guarantee that right. Yes, women have rights,” Sitter said, “but if there are two people, it’s no longer her body. It’s another body.”

“No one is just in favor of abortion,” said Commissioner Pete Gerken. “We all know that. No one wakes up and says, “How can I plan my next abortion?” It’s funny. People are supporters of the choice, and this choice belongs to only one person in each case, and that is the health and future of women.

Sitter often says women regret their decision to have an abortion.

“Today, tens and tens of millions of women suffer from PTSD as a result of abortion. The other side never talks about it. “

District commissioners are tired of government officials deciding what they think is best for someone else’s body.

Sitter explained that this was not the case.

“It’s not a matter of personal preference or an attempt to restrict someone’s reproductive rights. It’s a matter of protecting the right to life of the most vulnerable in our society – the unborn.”

“I thought it was important for a man who looks like me to stand up and say we’re not all about it. We stand together with women who stand for choice, who stand for health and good life, ”Herken said. “We oppose people who simply advocate for birth by making decisions to abandon children after they are forced to be born.”

It is expected that the Supreme Court may issue its opinion on the potential dismissal of Rowe v. Wade sometime next month.

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