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Pizza T-shirts with pizza

Mikey’s Late Night Slice in the Rhine is known for its exceptional culinary creations, which the diner calls “sacraments” – sacred monsters such as Cheezus Crust (grilled cheese with two slices of bread pizza) and Pizza Dawg (hot dog stuffed with pep and cheese wrapped in a slice of pizza for a bun).

Mikey’s latest abomination is a pizza with a roll, and it’s available until March 13th.

With a loose tie to the new one Batman a movie it’s called “Order Me This!” and Mikey writes on Facebook:

Tell me that, Batman …
I’m one of four despite the same look. Upside down I sit on myself. What am I ??

Answer: Bite our pizza of the week, “Order me this!” Pizza with four flavors of hot pizza. Each bite is a mystery wrapped in a mystery, strewn with mystery and delicious.

That’s right. There are four (four!) Different flavors of pizza rolls on top of this pizza, available as slices or a whole pie.

And while that seems a little wrong – like eating pizza and her babies at the same time – we’re sure it’s delicious (especially if you drank to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day).

Late Night Slice Mikey’s Late Night Slice is located at 2014 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine. More information:

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