John put on a suit and grabbed some flowers to congratulate his wife. Together they went on a beautiful date in a carriage.

SAN ANTONIO — Grab your tissues, because this Texas love story is one for the books.

A resident who lives in Chibala streams he had one wish – to take his wife Jeanette, who lives on the side of the independent living community, on an exciting date.

John Mucha was chosen for The Miracle Moment, when a nursing home selects a guest or guest couple to check off an item on their bucket list or fulfill a lifelong dream. It was a fancy date for John and Jeanette.

Naturally, their date included a special dinner and a carriage ride.

“When they visit each other, they always reminisce about their time in Lafayette, Louisiana, so we knew we had to incorporate their love of Louisiana into their Miracle!” said memory care coordinator Kim Cleveland.

John put on a suit and grabbed some flowers to greet his wife and give her a taste of Louisiana. She said she felt like a “real princess” as they drove downtown with a horse named Zeus pulling their carriage.

John has dementia and the facility wanted to make their date as special as possible.

Take a look at this touching photo:

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