Maumee native Dalton Cleghorn is one of 25 finalists with a chance to claim the title of best mullet in the country. He said that local support would be a guarantee of victory.

MAUMEE, Ohio — Does a man make a mullet? Does the mullet make the man?

Maumee native Dalton Cleghorn is intent on finding the answer and bringing home the grand prize 2022 USA Mullet Championship.

Cleghorn started growing out his hair a few years ago.

“A good friend of mine was diagnosed with lymphoma,” Cleghorn said. “I grew my hair out to donate, and I just thought, man, it would be nice to have a mullet.”

After his donation, he decided to grow it for good, at least in the back. Cleghorn now sports a mullet and mustache reminiscent of pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

“It goes back to college when I did Hulk Hogan for Halloween,” Cleghorn said. “It just stuck. I knew I had to stand out, so I thought why not do it again.”

Some doubters might think the hair and blond mustache aren’t natural, but Cleghorn promises they are.

“They probably want to think it’s fake, but I think it’s just a little jealousy,” he said. “No, it’s all real.”

Cleghorn has never shied away from the spotlight, and after not registering last year, he entered the 2022 USA Mullet Championships in August.

He passed the first two rounds of online voting, beating out hundreds of other competitors. He’s one of 25 finalists, and if you think he’s scared, think again.

“I think they should be scared, but no, I’m not scared,” Cleghorn said.

This is not Cleghorn’s first time competing in the mullet competition. In February 2022, he won the title of “Hockey Hair Champion” at the Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament, which he coached. The prize included a giant $500 check that Cleghorn keeps in the back of his pickup truck.

Hairstylist Patrick Croskey has been working on Dalton’s mane for about a year and said he was proud to see one of his clients receive national recognition.

“When he told me about this whole thing, I was really excited about it, and I’ve been sharing it since day one,” Croskey said.

Cleghorn said local support would ensure victory.

“Vote for me and we’ll bring that trophy home,” he said.

Voting is open from Friday to Tuesday website of the USA Mullet Championship.

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