Netflix users will soon have to pay even if they share passwords. The streaming platform is annoyed by misuse of this feature, depriving the company of additional users. So instead of blocking the function, Netflix may start charging a small fee to those who share their password.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Netflix is ​​offering a new payment feature in five Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, among others.

The new feature is called “add home” so that another person can access your Netflix account for which Netflix will charge extra. The report says that people are being asked to pay around $3 (roughly Rs. 240) so that other people can access their Netflix accounts. Netflix has developed different pricing for its markets, so it will be interesting to see how the platform fares in countries like India, where pricing can affect the product.

Consumers are already spoiled for choice with Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and other native OTT platforms, so Netflix will need more to convince users, especially with its content. The password payment method could go either way, people could increase, or Netflix could see further declines due to this change.

Netflix also aims to protect the new setup from fools by making sure users don’t violate the sharing policy. Access to Netflix is ​​available even while traveling, and Netflix will regularly ask the primary account user to verify the devices on which they use their Netflix account. So, Netflix has introduced these options in about 10 countries at the moment, and more are likely to be added in the coming months.

New models like the ad tier plan and the addition of a home subscription can help to some extent, but much more is needed to make the platform a viable option for customers around the world.

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