The 364-acre amusement and water park near Cincinnati will add two new rides, “Cargo Loco” and “Sol Spin,” and two restaurants.

COLUMBUS, OH – Kings Island announced Wednesday that a new antique-themed section of the amusement park will open next year.

The 364-acre amusement park and water park near Cincinnati will add two new rides and two family-friendly restaurants.

In 2023, Adventure Port is based on the same themes as the classic Adventure Express attraction, where visitors are taken through an old ancient mine.

Kings Island describes the upcoming park as “an ancient civilization with a mighty city carved out of stone.” New attractions are designed to bring the thrill of adventure in the ancient city.

Adventure Port will be located between Coney Mall and Action Zone.

One of the planned rides, “Sol Spin,” will send visitors 60 feet in the air at 15 miles per hour. The ride will look like a huge ancient sun disk.

The second ride, “Cargo Loco,” will allow guests to ride in cargo barrels that will send them around and around.

In addition, two new restaurants will be added to the themed stop. According to the website, the Mercada takes on the look of an old boat dock and will celebrate the coming together of cultures.

Enrique’s will be a quick grab-and-go spot for those in a hurry, offering tacos, salads, burrito bowls and sides.

To learn more about the upcoming addition, visit Kings Island’s site.

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