The district announced plans to hire Todd R. Meyer as its new superintendent.

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio — The Olentangy School Board of Education announced Saturday plans to hire Todd R. Meyer as its new superintendent Olentangy Schools.

The decision comes after Superintendent Mark T. Raif announced his retirement in January 2023.

“Mr. Meyer’s depth and breadth of experience combined with his passion for Olentangy were important factors, and he has clearly demonstrated that he is ready to lead Olentangy,” said Olentangy Board of Education President Kevin G. O’Brien. He continued: “I am confident that he will continue to build on the county’s already impressive track record while bringing fresh ideas.”

Meyer is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Olentangy Schools. His current position oversees the district’s human resources department, the transportation group and the businesses and facilities group. He has been with Olentangy Schools since leaving Westerville City Schools in 2007.

The Olentangy School Board of Education contracted with the Center for Educational Services of Central Ohio to initiate the hiring process. Central Ohio ESC collected information through a community-wide survey that received more than 1,300 responses. The finalists met with three committees that included the board of education, district administration, school principals and nearly 30 members of the public.

O’Brien said, “My fellow board members and I were impressed with the breadth of candidates that Central Ohio ESC helped us develop, which made the process very competitive and rewarding.”

Meyer said he has developed a good relationship throughout his time with the Olentangy schools.

Meyer said, “The Olentangy is a very special place, and I thank the Board of Education for entrusting me with the important mission of promoting the best possible education for every student here at the Olentangy. I can’t wait to get started.” .

The school board said Meyer will be officially hired as the new superintendent pending a board decision at Monday’s board of education meeting.

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