Nabil Shaheen is charged with extortion for allegedly aiding and abetting Tyrone Riley in exchange for Riley’s influence as a Toledo City Council member.

TOLEDO, Ohio – A new suspect has been charged for his alleged involvement in a Toledo City Council bribery scheme in May 2018.

Charges were filed against Nabil Shaheen on May 4, alleging that Shaheen knowingly influenced then-Toledo City Councilman Tyrone Riley with things of value, namely money and food.

In exchange, Shaheen received Riley’s “influence, support and votes as a member of the Toledo City Council,” according to court documents. Further details of Shahin’s involvement are unknown.

Shaheen is the sixth suspect in the scheme in addition to four former city council members and now-deceased attorney Kevin Mitchell.

Shaheen was arraigned Thursday afternoon.

Riley previously pleaded guilty on Dec. 16, 2022on one count of extortion under the Hobbes Act under official law, what does that mean a civil servant has illegally taken possession of money or other valuables that do not belong to him or his position.

Also an appearance with a guilty plea their violations of Hobbes’ Law former councilors Yvonne Harper and Larry Sykes.

A fourth board member believed to be involved in the scheme, Gary Johnson, He pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.

Mitchell, who was also charged with conspiracy and extortion in the scheme, pleaded not guilty in July 2020. Mitchell died on April 1, 2021, before his case went to trial.


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