Refind Dura said it was an exciting but proud moment to represent Ohio and Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University as a COVID-19 nurse.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Nurse Columbus was one of the guests invited to sit with the First Lady during President Biden’s first address on the state of the Union.

Refand Duro spoke exclusively with Angela Ann of 10TV about the experience.

Dura said it was a little nerve-wracking, but it was an honor to represent Ohio and Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University as a COVID-19 nurse. Duro added that she is glad to hear that the President is considering the problems of COVID-19 and how far our country has come in two years.

“It’s interesting to come from Ohio and (be) invited to one of the biggest events. And, you know, pretty much (be) part of the story,” Duro said.

As a front-line worker, Duro was forced to be quarantined by her family as soon as the pandemic began.

“It’s a disappointment. I’ll be honest with you. I’m also sometimes angry when I’m at the forefront. I feel pressure, stress,” Duro said.

Dura said she was also excited to hear how President Biden had tackled the many challenges faced by Asian Americans like her during the pandemic and the rise of Asian hatred across the country.

“When I take care of patients, they still have a little doubt. I think, “Okay, I’m Asian.” And they look at me like, “Will this lady take care of me?” And, of course, why not? ”Duro said. “So I hope this, this message from the president succeeds, and hopefully this is the biggest message tonight: unity.”

Dura said the experience was surreal, including a dinner at the White House where staff sang her happy birthday.

“You know, it’s 2022. We’re finishing the round, it’s getting better, and I’m excited. But we still need to be careful,” Dura said.

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