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Photo: courtesy of Ohio History Connection

The Ross County Courthouse served as the first state building in Ohio in 1803.

Ohio’s legacy is demonstrated when Bakai State celebrates 219 years since its founding.

On March 1, 1803, our first governor, Edward Tiffin, and the General Assembly met in Chilicot to conduct public affairs for the first time. Zanesville was also home to the state capital before the founding of Columbus in 1816.

More than a century later, thanks to the Wright brothers, Ohio became the “birthplace of aviation.”

Todd Kleysmith, director of government and public relations for the nonprofit Ohio Historynoted that the rich and diverse past of the state has much more.

“Many people associate Ohio history with things like eight different presidents; we have many astronauts; and the rather strange legacy of the American Indians, ”Kleismith said. “But we also have hundreds, maybe thousands of smaller stories, some stories that aren’t so well known.”

Kleismith noted that Statehood Day is also a chance to encourage investment in protecting Ohio’s history, such as a tax credit to preserve history in Senate Bill 225. They will highlight Ohio’s role in the upcoming U.S. semester.

“At the national level, there is a commission that encourages many history-related events to mark the 250th anniversary of the United States on July 4, 2026,” Kleismith stressed. “Ohio is just beginning this process to form a commission.”

Ohio History Connection manages more than 50 historic sites and museums. Kleismit added that understanding your community’s past may be relevant to your life.

“Ultimately, it comes down to personalizing history,” Claysmith said. “Probably it’s something local, it could be your own family genealogy, or it could be something that happened in your community locally.”

Chillicothe will also celebrate Statehood Day with a Saturday event.

This story was originally published Ohio Public News Service.

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