OHIO, USA — Every time you fill up at the gas station, part of the price you pay goes to local roads, highways and bridges. Ohio’s gas tax is written into the state constitution and is a flat tax, meaning it is not adjusted for inflation.

Because hybrid and electric vehicles pay little or no gasoline tax, the bill also included an additional registration fee of $100 for hybrids and $200 for electric vehicles to help cover the costs of bridge and road maintenance.

As people increasingly turn to electric and hybrid vehicles, that means there will be less money to spend on keeping roads and bridges in good condition. Because of this, Ohio is conducting a study to find a new way to fund maintenance.

Some options are an increase in Ohio’s gasoline tax, an increase in registration fees for all vehicles, and mileage-based user fees. The state wants to hear from you and your input on how to finance road and bridge maintenance and development.

To learn more or take the survey, click here.


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