“Many survivors do not feel comfortable appealing, especially to law enforcement, because of how the justice system often copes with rape and sexual assault.”

TALEDA, Ohio – Toledo City Council On Tuesday, they voted unanimously in favor of a bill aimed at helping victims of sexual and child abuse.

Toledo City Council member Michel Grimm and state representative Lisa Sobetsky (D-Toledo) said they considered the law vital.

According to them, it is designed to eliminate the statute of limitations on rape, extend the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse of children and stop what officials call exemption from marital rape, which does not allow someone to sue her husband for sexual assault. .

“Many victims do not feel comfortable moving forward, especially in law enforcement, because the justice system often deals with rape and sexual assault. They are very difficult to prosecute, so repealing the statute of limitations will help victims move forward and try to achieve justice in the system. justice, ”Grimm said.

Sobetsky agreed, noting that Ohio lags behind other states when it comes to addressing these issues.

“Ohio, which is one of the last states to repeal the exclusion of spouses for rape … marriage should not be a release from prison for rape,” she said.

Sobetsky and Grimm said no sexual harassment was reported at the moment, so they hoped that if the bill was passed, it would encourage more survivors to speak out and bring more perpetrators to justice.

Voting in the city council has no effect on the legislative process of the House Bill; it just shows that they are in favor of it passing.

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