John Cavalcsi, general manager of Meijer in Oregon, said Saturday morning is a good time for those who want to avoid large crowds while shopping.

OREGON, Ohio – Loud shopping carts signal a busy day at the store, but Oregon Meyer CEO John Kowalski said Friday it’s just the calm before the Super Bowl storm.

“We’re going to be very busy all through tomorrow night, but especially on Sunday,” Kowalski said. “Sunday will be a busy time for you. Around noon right after church before the Super Bowl, people will undoubtedly be buying.”

Massive spreads of wings, chips, dips, sodas and beer are a common sight at parties dedicated to the annual showdown on the grill. For some, food is a tradition in itself.

“It’s all about the food,” Kowalski said. “It’s all about what you’re going to cook for that party, people are coming together.”

As expected, the list of party essentials is already flying off the shelves and will likely need to be replenished over the weekend, he said.

Beer and wine are common purchases for those who need a little courage to avoid the nervous wait as each setback brings one team closer to the trophy – or for those who are still mourning their favorite team’s performance that kept them out of the big game.

According to Kowalski, the meat department is under attack from customers who want to buy beef jerky, shrimp and other things.

To keep up with demand, Meijer employees must diligently keep shelves stocked. But Kowalski said this is far from the first time his staff has had to act to meet a challenge.

“Here in retail, especially in the grocery world, it’s been a busy last three years,” especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kowalski said. “So they’re not used to it.”

Buyers are also not left out of world events as inflation still affects some prices.

According to Wells Fargo, prices for beer, wine and spirits will rise starting in 2022.

But chicken wings are down 22% from January, steak is down $1, and avocados are down 20% from last year.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend more than $16.5 billion on food and accessories in anticipation of the big game.

With the weather forecast to be mild through the weekend, Kowalski said Sunday’s Super Bowl parties could be for the books.

So why not increase? Dust off the grill, give your burgers and hot dogs some char, and enjoy the nice temperature, he said.

Kowalski said Saturday morning is a good time for those who want to avoid large crowds while shopping.

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