CLEVELAND – State troopers are urging drivers to slow down after releasing video of a traffic stop on a driver clocked 84 mph over the speed limit in southern Ohio.

The video shows the trooper asking the driver to get out of the Corvette. After the pat down, the trooper pulls out his radar, showing the driver going 149 mph in a 65 mph zone.

“It’s shocking. It’s very shocking, said Sgt. Bridget Matt of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. “You know, it could be your husband, wife, mother, daughter, son, sharing the road with someone who drives so recklessly.”

But as shocking as it is, Sgt. Matt said speeding and reckless driving are “becoming all too common” across the state, including in and around Cleveland.

“It’s just inexcusable. There is no place for road rage. There is no place to rule with such recklessness,” she added.

Experience shows that unsafe driving only gets worse as the weather warms and more people take to the streets. Memorial Day marks the beginning of what has become known as the “100 Deadliest Days” on our roads.

As more drivers hit the road, Sgt. Matt said you can expect more troopers on patrol and more maintenance and construction crews involved in road repairs.

“So we really encourage our motorists to be more considerate, to share the road with everyone on the road and not to be distracted while driving. Watch your speed,” she advised.

A driver in Warren County had plenty of excuses for going 84 mph over the speed limit, including blaming it on another driver who ran him off the road several times and his lack of experience driving his Corvette.

“There’s really no rhyme or reason or explanation for driving that fast,” Sgt. Matt said.

In the end, he apologized to the police officer and only received a speeding ticket.

A police officer with our Lebanon Post recently reported that a motorist on Interstate 75 in Warren County was doing 149 mph in a 65 mph zone…

Published Ohio State Highway Patrol on May 2, 2023, Tuesday

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