The first set of security cameras will be installed in the garages of North and South Ohio.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In response to an alarming trend of crime, including theft and damaged cars, Ohio State University has announced the addition of security cameras to two garages.

The university has announced that crews will begin installing security cameras in the North and South Ohio Union parking lots near North High Street.

Since the beginning of 2022, six crimes have been registered in two garages. The garage with the highest number of reported crimes was at Arps Garage on College Road with seven.

Since the new year, 38 crimes have taken place in all garages. Crimes range from criminal mischief, car theft, damage and more.

In a release, Ohio said it prioritizes the two garages based on the latest trends, but will continue to consider whether to install cameras in other garages.

The university also said it has stepped up police and security patrols in parking lots and garages, as well as on campus.

Recently, 10TV spoke to several students who have been victims of these crimes.

One woman whose car was parked in the Arps garage and found someone sitting on the hood of her car and stomping into the windshield. She was among a dozen others whose cars were damaged in three days earlier this month.

Two weeks ago Fr. the man went to Ohio West Stadium The lot to find his car was stolen. Then, while he was talking on the phone with 911, he was hit by a stolen car.

These are just some of the cases where students say they are more worried about parking in garages at night.

“It’s alarming that I’ve heard of a lot of thefts. It makes you a little apprehensive,” said Susie Kling, a schoolgirl in Ohio. “More cameras would be helpful.”

Ohio State said cameras in Ohio Union garages should be installed in March and consider adding more cameras to other garages.

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