We are all much more aware of how we need to train our brain to keep it in shape for a long time. Many people put together puzzles such as crossword puzzles and sudoku, but I have a suggestion for another way to build a brain that will make your life better as well as the lives of others.

As a therapist, I am constantly using my brain to create ways to make people’s lives less emotionally burdensome and easier. I thought about it a lot. This is not to say that much of my right brain activity, such as playing music, is ignored, but in terms of training my brain, there is nothing better than solving problems in real life, especially if it’s for other people.

If it’s your own stuff, you’re so emotionally involved that it’s hard to get any perspective. And the prospect is something that can be given to someone else. It is not necessary to be a therapist. Listening to other people’s problems frees your brain to think of things you wouldn’t be able to come up with yourself if faced with something like this.

You also benefit from using your experience, which enhances your imagination and thinking ability – and is a great mental exercise. And yes, it really helps make you better when it comes to solving your own problems, because getting perspective comes with practice. Helping someone understand their lives is a much more rewarding place to focus their energy than anywhere else I can imagine.

I know gamers and gamers will feel differently, like “Jeopardy!” champions Ken Jennings and Amy Schneider. Even my mother would disagree because she would probably think that most people are not worth the effort. Unfortunately, many people believe that those who need help are not worth their time, which is why it is so important to do more to help others.

Did you catch some amazing rappers on the Super Bowl show? It was, like these things, quite a staging. And a great monument because all the megastars on that stage came out of nowhere. They all participated not only in creating a new art form, but also in improving the lives of others, each in his own way. Because of where they came from, they understand the importance of a raised hand compared to giving. I know this because I have been fortunate to work with some of them.

Once you’ve gotten to a certain place in life, a place where you’re wondering what to do next, and you have a few choices you can try to give away. Interacting and spending time with others, as well as helping where you can, is a gift to both you and them. I promise it will serve you and your brain better than spending hours on your computer.

Creating ways to help make people’s lives less emotionally burdensome and easier is a good exercise for brain formation.

Dr. Barton Goldsmith, a psychotherapist from Westlake Village, California, is the author of The Happy Couple: How to Make Happiness a Habit for One Little Favorite Thing. Follow his daily thoughts on Twitter at @BartonGoldsmith or email him [email protected]


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