Jan & Tony’s Pizza in Plain City posted a Facebook request for employees to work at their store.

PLAIN CITY, Ohio – If you were watching the Ohio State Buckeyes get that big win on Wisconsin Badgers Saturday night, you may have had a slice or two of pizza.

While pizza is big business on game day, it’s not all about winning. The labor and hospitality industries continue to experience shortages more than others when it comes to filling vacancies.

Jan & Tony’s Pizza Facebook post posted on Facebook that they were “desperately in need of more staff” and explained how the store could not survive if they did not have the staff they needed.

“We just don’t have enough help, we’re just looking for whatever we can find, hopefully some experienced people can come in here and give us a boost, give us the personnel for this football season, we always need it at this time of the year,” said the general manager James Steinbaugh.

Steinbaugh said they have three new employees working Saturday night. Typically, the pizzeria has 10 to 15 workers each night, but one of the problems they face is that some of their workers don’t want to work on their busiest nights.

“It’s definitely hard to get around it when other people’s schedules say, ‘I can’t work, I can’t work that night,'” Steinbaugh said.

But at least for Saturday night, they hoped to get enough staff for a successful evening.

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