Police said the victims, including three minors, were taken from the scene to the hospital. One remains in critical condition.

DALASI – Police said at least 11 people were shot dead and one person was killed Saturday night during a shooting and concert in South Dallas.

Dallas police said they responded to a call about a shooting at 5050 Cleveland Road in south Dallas at about 12:13 a.m. Sunday.

Upon arrival at the scene, police said they found a 26-year-old man identified as Keelan Dejuan Gilmar, who was lying near the scene with a gunshot wound to the head. Police said Gilmar was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police described Gilmar’s death as murder.

Police also said 11 other shooting victims – including three minors – were taken to the district hospital by ambulance or private car.

According to police, one of these victims was in critical condition as of Sunday morning and the other victims were in stable condition.

Witnesses interviewed by the WFAA said about 2,000 people attended the open-air event, dubbed the Second Annual Epic Easter Bicycle Party and Field Party.

“Everyone ran away,” said Lulu Smith, who attended the event with her daughter. “It was so crowded that it was impossible to get in or out. When I approached the car, someone fired. I threw back the window and heard [shots]».

Smith told the WFAA that this event was not your typical concert. It was an amusement ride event in a remote area where escorts rode their ATVs, sat in trucks and walked around the area before finishing the concert on the main stage.

According to other witnesses, the situation arose as a result of a fight that began at the scene. Witnesses interviewed by the WFAA also believed there were several shooters.

“As soon as they saw they couldn’t break up the fight, they fired into the air to stop it,” said a woman who only wanted to identify as Britney and who happened to be in the fight when the shooting took place. “It got worse and they started shooting people.”

Police confirmed that a preliminary investigation had found that one unknown at the event fired a handgun into the air and then another unknown shot from a handgun in the direction of the crowd.

Commenting on the comment, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson gave the WFAA the following statement about the shooting: “The violence last night was horrific and unacceptable. I pray for the victims and look forward to our police bringing the perpetrators to justice. Public safety remains our top friend and our chief friend. I will consult with Police Chief Eddie Garcia to find out what else can be done to stop this type of violence in our city. ”

The headliner of the event was to be a rapper from Memphis Big Boogie. According to the artist’s Instagram page, the shooting took place before he arrived at the scene.

A flyer for the event advertised that it takes place at 5050 Cleveland Road, with gates that open at noon, horses and ATVs are welcome, and children under the age of 10 and up are allowed free.

Several leaflets for the event also advertised that Dallas police would be on the scene working with 60 security personnel – “necessary and precautionary measures to make the event a safe and fun place for all present,” read the leaflet, which also stated that this decision was made “in connection with the rise of senseless violence.” The flyers further noted that guests would be subjected to a metal detector on arrival, that “drama of any kind [sic] will not tolerate ”and that promoters“ are not responsible for accidents or theft ”.

Sources at the Dallas Police Department told the WFAA that the department is considering complaints about whether any of its employees actually worked as security guards at the event – something the department cannot confirm at this time. Officers working off-duty require permission, as any officers working off-duty without departmental permission will violate general orders.

The event organizer issued a statement Sunday afternoon saying the event was attended by Dallas police officers and extra security.

“On behalf of Epic Easter officials, we mourn the unfortunate events that took place yesterday. Our goal was to organize a positive event for our people. We took the necessary steps to ensure safety by arriving at the scene by Dallas police and security officers. In addition, the staff of the Ministry of Emergencies and cars were on standby. However, some things were still out of our control. Our team did not expect to come out of such power, but we really appreciate the support of all who came and those who came to take part. Our prayers and deep condolences to the individuals and families involved. ”

While investigators put it all together, a topic that is also sure to come up is the opportunity for the event. Witnesses said people fleeing at the sound of gunshots, police and ambulances were unable to leave the scene immediately.

According to police, there have been no arrests related to the shooting so far. Police said an investigation into the shooting, its motives and the circumstances of Gilmar’s death were still under investigation.

This is the second mass shooting at a party in Dallas in recent weeks. March 19 10 people injured in shooting during spring break at The Space site in south Dallas. One of the victims of the incident, an 18-year-old boy, later died of his wounds. Police are also looking for suspects in the shooting.

This is an evolving story. Check out more details as they arrive.

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