Columbus police are warning the public about a potential fraud scheme.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Columbus Police Department is warning the public about a potential fraud scheme.

According to police, the victim said they were called by Agent Jason Riley of the Social Security Administration.

The agent told the victim that their social security number was involved in the investigation into money laundering and cocaine trafficking.

Police say that after that the victim asked the inspection agent and sent them a photo showing the badge and identity card.

The agent informed the victim that their bank accounts and social security number would be frozen and the money confiscated in the next two hours. The victim was then advised to withdraw the money and place it in “cards approved by the government.”

The agent said the cards are Target gift cards, and the money will be safe until they meet at the social security department the next day, where the cards will be exchanged for cashier’s checks.

The victim told police he bought gift cards by withholding money. The agent then asked for the card numbers to register them in the protocol, but the victim doubted and said he would hand them over at the meeting in person.

Police say the agent was later disappointed, insisting they were given card numbers. The victim asked to call back to confirm the identity of the agent.

The agent said local police would call them back. The victim was then called from a number that is the Ohio State Police Department.

According to police, the victim was not convinced, hung up and called the police. The dispatcher informed them that their fraud.

Police say the identity card, badge and number used by the suspect were forged.

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