Pope Francis has asked religious leaders around the world to join the consecration on Friday to ask the Immaculate Heart of Mary for peace.

TALEDA, Ohio – Pope Francis and religious leaders around the world prayed for peace on Friday as Russia continued its attacks on Ukraine.

“It is simply an act of consecration with a request to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to give peace to all nations and all peoples,” said the Rev. Monsignor William Kubatsky.

Russia’s dedication to Her Immaculate Heart dates back to Fatima more than 100 years ago.

“The act of consecration is truly a prayer that calls Mary to intercede with her son for peace in the world,” said Kubatsky.

These prayers were said on Friday in the parish of the Rosary Cathedral in Toledo.

“It really amazes you how universal the Catholic Church, the same prayer, whether in English, Latin or Spanish, is prayed around the world today,” said Jack Kelly, who attended the consecration.

People of all ages, backgrounds and even religions came together in one voice.

“There really was unity in the church, every word said,” Kubatsky said.

The church also collected donations for Ukraine.

MP Marcy Kaptur also offered to support neighboring countries such as Poland and Moldova, which host Ukrainians.

“Everyone is trying to understand, ‘How do we help the hemisphere?’ We are finding ways for people to do that, ”Hood said.

Kelly said he had time during the lunch break, and decided to come to express support.

“I think sometimes we feel helpless in such situations, but it was something that everyone in this department felt they could do, join in prayer and solidarity with the people of Ukraine,” Kelly said.

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