Jersey’s barriers are falling. Jersey’s barriers are falling. Jersey’s barriers are falling.

The City of Cleveland Planning Commission on Friday approved overhaul of James Corner Field Operations Public Squarewhich includes a tighter crosswalk, added bike lanes and a combined set of 60 steel bollards, where uneven, temporary Jersey barriers have been an eyesore since the completion of the first phase of the plaza’s renovation in 2016.

Eliminating the barriers — and replacing them with bollards — was billed as another step toward making Cleveland’s central meeting space safer and better.

“That’s the main goal,” JCFO partner Veronica Rivera said during the meeting.

Although the Planning Commission tentatively approved James Corner’s idea for the second phase of the plaza, Commission members asked for more information about how cyclists will ride and ride through the green space.

Public Square Pillar Plan Passes Design Review (7)

James Corner’s Field Operations

In addition to providing security, the bollards will also, Rivera said, help deter illegal parking. Especially on the southwest side of the plaza, where Uber Eats drivers and others seem to leave their cars. (For this reason, the Rebol will see two removable stands located at the back.)

And after the Jersey barriers go down in traffic hell, the current crosswalk connecting north and south, Rivera said, will be cut in half from 93 feet to 45 feet. In order to increase the preference of pedestrians, a raised crosswalk will be installed.

Mayor Bibb, as expected, was excited to meet with JCFO.

“I appreciate the careful and thoughtful work the team put into getting this plan right,” Bibb said in a press release. “The public square is the people’s park, and this plan reflects that vision, prioritizing safety, functionality and aesthetics.”

Construction is expected to begin this fall under the direction of the group’s planning commission.

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