Randy Gasola helps clients with their investments and also works with his uncle as a distributor of frozen pizza directly from Italy.

TALEDA, Ohio – How Walleye prepare for the conference finalsall the focus is on winning the championship, but some of these players have much more than just hockey.

Last week we told you that Gordy Mayer has become a realtor. This week we will learn more about Randy Gasol.

Gazola became one of the best defenders of the ECHL. This year he was in the second team general league. But away from the ice he is adjusting to life after hockey. He has his hands in several business ventures.

“I have returned my investment tickets to Ontario, so I am helping people with mutual funds and retirement savings,” Gasola said. “In the US it will be like your 401k and all that.”

He also works with his uncle as a distributor of frozen pizza directly from Italy. Hatzola and his uncle hand out pizza from Waist Di Napoli.

“We have a patented technology that freezes pizza in a cryogenic way,” Gatzola said. “If you’ve ever been to Italy and been to Naples, pizza was invented here. All the dough, the sauce, all the ingredients are the best in the world. All you have to do is warm up and seem to be back in Italy.”

Despite the fact that he is looking at his future with one eye, this championship race with Walleye attracts full attention.

“Something that occupies me, but at the same time I do not allow it to interfere with hockey,” said Hatzola. “Hockey is my priority, and it’s just something I like to do on the side. When hockey is over, I can join what has already been built. “

“We encourage this as long as they come to the rink, they’re focused on their work here. Their work should be number one, and when it’s game time, they’re focused here,” said Walleye head coach Dan Watson. “I’m for whatever they want to do on the street as long as they’re productive and don’t switch to hockey.”


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