Student coach Tim Bert miraculously survived a head injury after spending months learning to speak and walk again.

“I was 22 years old, I had eight weeks to get a biology degree. Eight weeks. It is also unfair that people had to die and I did not die, ”Berta said.

It’s hard for me. It’s probably the hardest part of it if you just ask yourself, “Why?” I’ll never know why. The Lord knows, but I’ll never know. I do it because I’m human. when science says I should have been killed, ”he said.

“Not a single doctor said, ‘You shouldn’t be here.’ One said, “There is no medical evidence that would tell me why you are where you are and why you should do what you do.”

Now 37 years old, Bertha continues to win, drives a car and lives on her own, hoping for a family. He is a coach and motivational speaker, visiting those who have suffered a head injury in hospitals to give hope and inspiration.

“You get everything the way you want, and then all of a sudden, it’s not your fault, it’s erased. The worst thing about it was that only I could fix it. I mean, yes, people could pray for me, they could help me. I was the one who had to put in the physical effort and sweat to get back what I lost. How unfair is that? And I had nothing to do with it, but I had to do it. Only I could do it. ” said Bertha.

“I broke almost every bone in my face, in my jaw, and then I also got a head injury.”

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