The names of the dead began to appear while relatives awaited the search for missing family members.

WALDE, Texas – Relatives turned to social media and waited in a desperate attempt to find their missing children as a result of the death toll in horrible shooting at school in Texas Elementary School increased to 19 students and two adults.

Adolf Cruz, a 69-year-old air conditioning repairman, was on Tuesday night near Robb Elementary School in Uwalde when the sun went down, waiting for information about his 10-year-old great-granddaughter Elijah Cruise Torres, whose family’s whereabouts remained unknown.

Cruz arrived at the scene after shortly after the first reports that an 18-year-old gunman opened fire, received a tearful and terrifying call from his daughter. While he waited near the school on Tuesday night, his family was in the hospital and community center waiting for any potential word about her condition.

Charuz called the wait the hardest moment of his life.

“I hope she’s alive,” Cruz said. “They’re waiting for an update.”

“It’s a shock to me. I also sympathize with all the other families. This is a small community. Uwalde has always been very friendly. People are really friendly, ”Cruz said.

Photos of smiling children have been posted on social networks, and their families are asking for information. Classes ended for a year, and each school day had its own theme. Tuesday was Footloose and Fancy. Students had to wear a beautiful outfit with fun or chic shoes.

As night fell, the names of those killed in the attack began to appear. 4th grade teacher Eva Mireles is remembered by her loving mother and wife.

“She was adventurous. I would definitely say such wonderful things about her. She will definitely be very sad, “said Amber Ibara, a 44-year-old relative from San Antonio.

Ibara was preparing to donate blood for the wounded and pondered how no one could spot in time the possible problems in the shooter to stop him.

“For me, it’s more of a mental health awareness,” said Ibara, a rehabilitation coach who attended the elementary school where the shooting took place. “Someone could have noticed the drastic changes before something like this happened.”

The Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Home, located across the street from Rob Elementary School, said on Tuesday night that it would be assisting the families of the victims of the shooting without the cost of the funeral.

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