On March 7, 2021, a student at Bowling Green State University died.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Monday marks one year since the alleged hacking that led to the death of Delaware County native Stown Foltz.

Last year, Foltz attended an off-campus event for the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Bowling Green State University.

Foltz, who was trying to join the fraternity, was found unconscious by a roommate after an alleged hazing ritual.

He drank a whole bottle of bourbon and after that could not walk on his own, according to the findings of a law firm hired by the university to investigate the death.

Foltz was transferred to livelihood for organ donation and died on March 7, 2021.

Turning to today, Foltz’s parents and two siblings are going to perform in schools. Their mission is to teach others hazing and ensure that other families do not suffer as much as they do.

His parents remember the events as if it were yesterday.

Shari Foltz, Stone’s mother, said the family’s life is complete and not a day goes by that they do not mourn his loss.

“We will not stop until we can completely eradicate hazing, because it is not the way any parents or siblings want to live,” said Shari.

On Monday at Wake Up CBUS at 6am Clay Gordon sits with the Foltz family. You will hear them monitor the lawsuits and the progress they have made in their mission to stop hazing.

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