The department will replace 116,000 analog water meters with smart water meters starting this summer.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The City of Toledo Public Utilities is committed to providing its customers with affordable access to a safe and sustainable drinking water system. If you haven’t already had your new smart meter installed, you will soon.

The agency will replace 116,000 analog water meters smart water meters beginning of this summer.

Smart meters are water meters that measure and report water usage to the City of Toledo Department of Public Utilities without the need for manual reading. They are a key component of the new Advanced Accounting Infrastructure system known as AMI.

Smart meters will bring with them more detailed information about water consumption and the ability to solve problems more quickly and efficiently.

Now you must be thinking, will this increase my water bill?

Installing an AMI transmitter will not affect your account. In some cases, if your water meter needs to be replaced, the new meter is more accurate than the old one. Therefore, your bill may change to reflect the exact measurement of your water usage.

“A lot of times we don’t look at the bills, so when we get them, we just pay the right thing – but there are things that go into that, like trash and things like that,” said Erin Simmons, Department of Public Utilities – PIO. “So you could just be paying for it and not notice that the rating is actually zero, and so that means your reading was never shown, and that’s because of the old meters and the fact that they’re getting old. Due to aging, they also fail,” he says

For more information on the new smart meters, click here here.


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